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Food pro shares top tips for mindful eating and drinking in new foodie survival guide

“In a world where indulgence often meets temptation, many foodies struggle to balance their love of food and drink with their desire for a healthy lifestyle, and I’m one of them,” says author Michelle.

An easy to read and entertaining illustrated guidebook covering topics of self-care, moderating alcohol, cooking mindfully, dining in restaurants, navigating the many tempting situations we find ourselves in, meeting the expectations that others can put on us, and paying attention to your mood and surroundings. Importantly, it’s also about when to have fun and relax! 

Some quotes
from some experts

“From the opening chapter, author Michelle Lawton had my attention. Reading “Moderating a Love Affair with Food: 10 Tips to Mindful Eating and Drinking” gave me permission to enjoy and think about food pleasurably and guilt free. 
Do yourself a favor and buy this book and learn to love yourself again. 
Follow Michelle’s smart tips and gain balance in the kitchen and in your life. Some of my favorites are: “Eat slowly: enjoy the aromas, tastes, and texture of your food”, “Eat or drink for you, no one else” and “Treat yourself with respect”. Indulge in Michelle’s writing and indulge in your favorite treats without regret.”

Silvia Baldini: A classically trained Italian-born chef and a Chopped Champion on Food Network

“Eating and drinking for a living for the last 30 years, I devoured the lessons of Michelle Lawton’s new book. Her strategies and tips for continuing to have food adventures while living more mindfully are valuable for anyone whose joyful moments often center around a meal.”

Dana Cowin: Founder, Speaking Broadly and former Editor in Chief Food & Wine Magazine

“Whether you are a foodie or just love food, Michelle Lawton’s glorious new book will inspire you to learn and live more mindfully—and more joyfully—in every culinary experience.”


Debbie Millman: Host of the 2023 Webby Award podcast Design Matters

“Michelle Lawton’s handy guide is packed with inspiration and practical tips for balancing food and wine indulgence with a healthy life.”
Alice Feiring: Advocate for natural wine and author of “To Fall in Love, Drink This”
“Nobody is better equipped to ensure that moderation does not deny the reader the joy which eating and drinking well can bring. In the 25 years that I’ve enjoyed her culinary perspective she’s shaped my approach to food, her wise words will get me through the next quarter century.”

Mark A Izatt: Founder of the MISSION CRITICAL Weekly News Briefing and luxury brand consultant and former global Ambassador The Macallan Scotch

“Mindful eating is not for everyone, but it does work for some folks, especially a population that is willing and able to make discretionary choices. In my practice, I’ve told people it’s ok to eat everything you enjoy as long as you can manage frequency and portion size. I can’t think of a better place for you to start than with Michelle Lawton’s insightful new book.”


Linn Stewart: RDN, Recipe Analyst, Food and Nutrition Consultant


Michelle Lawton is a food and wine lover who for the past twenty-five years has been thinking deeply about the way people eat and drink through her food, beverage, lifestyle branding consultancy joyfulplate™. She is a happy home cook to her Irishman of many years in New York City where she enjoys brainstorming on bike rides in Central Park and in the kitchen, her happy places.

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